We are a Limited by Guarantee (Ltd/Gte) company also known as Bioscientifics Research and Development (Ltd/Gte) with its acronym as 'BIOSCIRD'. Existing with us is a functional academic research group domiciled in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Biopharmacy, University of Uyo, Uyo, Nigeria, known as 'Bioscientifics Research Group (BRG)', serving as the arm through which:

  • Information on BIOSCIRD activities is disseminated
  • Registration of members are vetted and members request presented and finalized
  • Generate funds (grants, loans, fellowship and exchange opportunities etc. to enable affiliates/members (i.e. individuals and groups) derive satisfaction in academic programmes.

BIOSCIRD, envisioned to promoting educational development especially at the level of research, make available School of Instrumentation and Analysis (SIA) where lovers of knowledge learn basic (person not less than 16 years) and advanced (adult) laboratory skills. Procedures to participate in SIA is found on Portal > Student Portal on our website or click here.


The activities BIOSCIRD include supporting seminars, symposium/conferences (in cash or kind), sourcing and providing laboratory space, reagents/equipment, personnel and funds for academic pursuits such as research work, symposium/conferences etc.


BIOSCIRD (Ltd/Gte) has a platform for academic and research-minded individuals across the globe. Everyone has  a voice and can be accommodated in the provisions established by the visioners. BIOSCIRD has 5 foundational directors (3 are members in the academia and 2 in the private/business sector). The organization is directed by the Chief Executive, Dr. Sunday O. Awofisayo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is BIOSCIRD Registered?

BIOSCIRD (Ltd/Gte) is a nongovernmental educational and not-for-profit support body for academic promotion on many platforms, registered as a Limited by Guarantee Company on 13th day of January, 2020 with Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (RC 1649196) under the Company and Allied Matters Act 1990.


Can I join BIOSCIRD?

There are many opportunities in BIOSCIRD which interested individual and groups can join. They include: Member of Bioscientifics Research Group, Student of SIA, Supporter, Volunteer and Employee. 

To join BIOSCIRD as:

  • A Member of Bioscientifics Research Group click here
  • A Student of SIA click here
  • A Supporter and Volunteer click here
  • An Employee click here

What do I benefit from joining BIOSCIRD?

Generally, BIOSCIRD as an international organization gives everyone the privilege of meeting numerous scholars with different skills, expertise and knowledge around the globe. Joining any branch of BIOSCIRD (either as Member of a Research Group, Student of SIA, Supporter, Volunteer and Employee). BIOSCIRD recognizes you as rational person and you are given a willful opportunity to benefit in every package made available for the whole family of BIOSCIRD.

In fragment there are additional benefits to every area of enrollment.

  • As Member of Bioscientifics Research Group, click here
  • As Student of SIA, click here
  • As Supporter and Volunteer click here
  • As Employee, click here

Where can I get assistance in this website?

We happy to inform you that our Customer Care is available to assist you with any issue 24/7 in this site through a live chat which is available below. Kindly begin chat by clicking on chat icon. Or you can send email to us at [email protected] Please note and be assured that all conversation are recorded for quality control purposes and are highly confidential.