Bioscientifics Research Group  has thousands of members nationwide and there are huge benefits for joining BIOSCIRD

  • Members have access to notifications of publications.
  • Other benefits include conference support, travel support, accommodation support etc.
  • Research support for members include scouting for where facilities such as equipment, laboratory space link etc.
  • BIOSCIRD gives travelling assistance to members for research and conference purposes.
  • The assistance include Embassy reference letters and other forms of group-related assistance protocols.
  • Members get 50% off all publication charges and conference fees etc.
  • Members get a discounted airline ticket fees if purchased through the auspices of the group through the group's links.
  • BIOSCIRD celebrates the success and breakthroughs of her members through cash and kind recognition and publicity.
  • BIOSCIRD also help develop a mentoring system amongst members by serving some adversarial and advocacy roles.
  • She also helps members discover their personal vision and set goals and objectives to achieve them.