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Bioscientifics Research Group places publications of research papers and attending conferences at very high priority. This is one of the ways we impact our society academically.

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The knowledge and insight you can get in just one day at a clinical pharmacy conference makes it worth the trip.



As a member of BIOSCIRD,  we carry out research to make the world a better place. This is part of our obligations to the society.  Are you working on a new research paper? BIOSCIRD community want to learn from what you are working on.

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Volunteers at Bioscientifics Research Group  assist in many areas, such as in your new research paper publication from its concept to the design. execution and to its publication. BIOSCIRD community receives and also gives cash donations, answer research questions from other members, take part in health-based outreaches.   We urge you to consistently share your progressive experience with us to help new startup grow in the clinical pharmacy industry and much more.

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