About School of Instrumentation and Analysis (SIA)

School of instrumentation & Analysis is under Bioscientifics Research and Development (Ltd/Gte), an organization with five (5) foundational directors (three (3) are members in the academia and two (2) in the private/business sector). The organization is managed by the Chief Executive, Dr. Sunday O. Awofisayo, who is also the Principal investigator of the academic group called Bioscientifics Research Group (BRG).

In SIA, the knowledge and skills students are expected to learn alongside learning standards or learning objectives are well described. We have a subject-centered, learner-centered and problem-centered design in our curriculum, all revolving on the issues of analysis and research.


The 5 basic types of curriculum are embraced which include traditional, thematic, programmed, classical and technological curriculum are well integrated to make for fulfillment in us and our students.

Furthermore, our syllabus entails summarily the topics covered or taught in analytical programs and we are poised to make up for deficiencies in the program of institutions based on the pressures they experienced with respect to their peculiar challenges.

We have seasoned instructors and facilitators to make a definite, positive, and enduring impact on you.


  • Provision of education/training relevant to the Nigerian needs in the field of science and technology
  • Provision of laboratory technology-oriented training that will fit into manpower needs of science and medical laboratory
  • Assist in Biochemical analysis and experiments in schools, hospital, colleges and research institutes
  • Understanding the fundamental concept of oxidation and reduction reactions.
  • Understanding the properties and reactions of acid, base, and salt.
  • Understanding the concept of thermodynamics
  • Understanding surface phenomenon and colloidal systems
  • Understanding chemical equilibrium.
  • Understanding the practical knowledge of common analytical procedures.