Submit Manuscript

Submit a Manuscript.

Manuscripts can be submitted through our online manuscript submission and peer review system

Authors are required to send a covering letter along with the manuscript undertaking that, “manuscript has not been published so far nor communicated to some other journal”. The cover letter should include the corresponding author’s full address, email ID and telephone/fax numbers.

Before submission authors should ensure that the manuscript format comply as per the BIOSCIRD JOURNALS FORMAT and specifically for JBCP or  JBCP guidelines.

Final check list for the manuscript submission:

1. Manuscript has been arranged as per author’s guidelines.
2. Is the covering letter attached with the mail?
3. Photographs should be submitted in JPG/TIF format as separate attachment.
4. Authors are aware of JBCP publication policies.

An acknowledgement for manuscript submission will be sent to the author through e-mail.

For any kind of queries authors may write to: [email protected] or call on: +234 8054447197.